Interior doors

Collection "Stroma"

Stroma doors aren’t just about the original design, but more about the reliability. The pieces from this line will perfectly suit the interiors, where the safety of the smallest restless family members is in a priority. Moreover, thanks to the absence of the upper and lower ledgers our doors have a technological design which will match to any working space by accentuating the modernity and the uniqueness of the room’s decor.

DomoSmart team can guarantee you the fineness of the materials used in our door manufacturing. All components of the Stroma doors - from facing films to constructional materials - were tested on the compliance for the highest quality levels.

This collection includes the doors made with the appliance of the Triplex technology, which provides our manufacturing with the laminated glass - solid, lasting and secure material. It isn’t afraid of hits and thrusts: such glass is multiple times more strong than the tempered one, it doesn’t crumble and fall to pieces even if the critical damage was made. Laminated glass in a conjunction with the durable pinewood door construction is a combination which will serve your house faithfully for dozens of years.

Door Size (WxH)

2000 х 600 (700,800,900)


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Available colors

  • PVC Wenge
  • PVC Cream
  • PVC Bianca
  • Walnut
  • Gray


Interior door
Collection "Stroma"

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