• Collection "Prairie"

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Domo Smart

Door manufacturing is hard to call a very original market niche: there are hundreds of thousands of companies located in Eastern and Western Europe, which offer a plethora of door models for your consideration. Yet, despite the seeming market saturation, it’s a real challenge to find an experienced, reliable contractor, who will offer wholesale doors of an adequate quality for the good price. And, of course, the greatest problem of all time is to find a product of the interesting, modern design, since many creators forget about the importance of doors in the interior building and produce plain, boring door panels.

When 3 years ago we launched Domo Smart project, we had a goal to create an international B2B (business-to-business) net, which will work directly with the dealers, eliminating the need for numerous intermediaries. And, soon enough, DomoSmart opened its head office in Slovakia - a perfect country to run a business with both Eastern and Western partners.

Interior doors

Collection "Prairie"

"Prairie" is a wilderness, a freedom, which can’t be restricted by any scopes or hedges.

    Collection "Prairie"

    Interior doors

    Collection "Horme"

    Strict vertical strips - a tribute to classic - obtain a distinctive liveliness and energy in the "Horme" collection.

      Collection "Horme"

      Interior doors

      Collection "Geode"

      In this Domo Smart door collection, you won’t find any plain blank doors. Impressed by the beauty of natural formations geodes, which look like the windows to the shiny off-world, our designers have come with the appearance of the Geode line.

        Collection "Horme"

        Interior doors

        Collection "Opaque"

        Solid door panel might be something more than a white plywood partition, and our "Opaque" collection proves this statement.

          Collection "Opaque"

          Interior doors

          Collection "Stroma"

          "Stroma" doors aren’t just about the original design, but more about the reliability. The pieces from this line will perfectly suit the interiors, where the safety of the smallest restless family members is in a priority.

            Collection "Opaque"

            Why Domo Smart is not like other manufacturers?

            International standards compliance

            DomoSmart fabrication facilities are situated in Slovakia, while our equipment, adjustment processes, and final production quality are constantly monitored by the European QAU (quality assurance unit). When a dealer offers our doors to customers, he can be sure in the positive feedback - every consignment of DomoSmart doors successfully passes the strict quality tests, only after which it is sent for sale.

            Business boost help

            DomoSmart isn’t only a door manufacturer, but a company, which is interested in cooperation and brand promotion. That’s the reason why we’re ready to provide our dealers with all the required promo-materials, information about our facilities and techniques. You may as well ask for the factory excursion or for staff trainings - DomoSmart will be happy to help you with any problem or question you’re facing.

            Individual business arrangements

            DomoSmart is highly invested in a long-term partnership with our dealers, which is why we offer unique joint business arrangements, based on each particular dealer’s needs and perspectives of development.

            Team of professionals

            Our team includes dedicated experts, who have years of experience in door manufacturing, as well as in designing and trading.

            Discounts, stocks

            Every DomoSmart client or future partner will have a chance to get one of the numerous discounts we offer as a sign of appreciation of your interest.

            Reasonable prices

            Thanks to the advanced highly-productive equipment, which allows us to manufacture up to 3000 doors per month, as well as thanks to the direct cooperation with the materials distributors, we’re able to set our prices on a competitive level.

            Materials and components

            Quality Management

            Advanced equipment

            Many people consider a long company’s history as a sign of reliability and a high production quality. Yet, when it comes to door manufacturing, such assertion isn’t completely veritable - to comply with the customers’ demands you have to have the most up-to-date equipment and use top-quality materials. Still, lots of companies continue to use outdated instruments and machines, which were bought 10-15 years ago at best, and, of course, this affects their production results.

            In 2015 DomoSmart bought newest manufacturing machines and tooled up processing areas while taking into account the highest quality standards. This allows our tradesmen to create durable interior doors of unusual designs to fill into any space our customers want to furnish.

            Creating doors you’ll love at first sight!

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